How to Pay Online

View and pay your bill from your computer, tablet or smartphone at any time.

ODU billing is entirely electronic, providing students and Authorized Users 24 x 7 access to their online billing statements. Email messages will be sent to notify students and Authorized Users when bills are available online.

View & Pay Your ODU Bill Online

  • Review email notification when a new bill arrives.
  •  24-hour access to students’ most current bill.
  • View most recent statement and billing history.
  • See current account activity since last statement.
  • Make payments using your credit/debit card or electronic check.
  • Give parents or other Authorized Users access to view and pay your bills.
  • Sign up to receive electronic refunds.
  • Choose to receive messages via text.

Students: If you haven't signed up an Authorized User for your online Student Account Suite, do so now!

It only takes a few minutes and allows parents, spouses or family members to login and see your account balance, retrieve billing statements, and make payments/Payment Plans on your behalf.

To authorize a user:

  • Log in to your ODU Online account
  • Select "Students" bar on right side menu
  • Select "Student Accounts - Pay my Bill/Payment Plan
  • Follow the directions to make someone an Authorized User


  • Log in to your ODU Online account.
  • Select "Students" bar on right side menu.
  • Under "Financial Information" select "Student Account - Pay my Bill/Payment Plan."
  • In the Student Account Suite, click on "Make a Payment."

 Authorized Users 

  • Login via the direct link sent from Nelnet upon signup
  • You may choose to either "Make a Payment" or "View Account Activity."

The same great features from the desktop version are available via any mobile device.

  • Logon to ODU Online on any mobile device
  • Select "Pay my Bill/Payment Plan" to access your online student account

Credit Card 

You can pay online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or electronic check

If paying by credit card, you will be responsible for the non-refundable 2.75% convenience fee. If you use your debit card as a credit card, you will be charged the 2.75% convenience fee. 

Electronic Check 

You can pay your bill online with your bank checking or savings account by entering your routing and account numbers in the appropriate fields. The amount will be debited directly from your bank account. You will not be charged the convenience fee if you pay by electronic check. 

Paper Check

Although you will not receive paper bills or statements anymore, you can still pay with a paper check by mailing it to ODU's Bursar Office. You will not be charged the convenience fee when you pay by paper check. 

The Tuition Payment Plan allows payment of tuition and room/board charges to be made in interest-free monthly installments. The earlier students enroll in the program, the more likely the lowest payment option will be available.

  • No more waiting in line to pick up an overage check!
  • Students can elect to have financial aid overages direct deposited to the bank account of his/her choice.
    • Login to ODU online
    • Select Pay My Bill to reach the online Student Account Suite
    • Select Manage Refunds
    • Provide bank account information as prompted
  • Please note, it can take up to 5 business days for confirmation of the direct deposit bank account information so it is possible that a paper check may be created while waiting for account confirmation.
  • Students are responsible for updating bank account information if an account is closed or otherwise no longer in use.
  • Once eRefunds are set up, failure to update bank account information can cause a delay in receiving overages.
  • Students will receive an email message to his/her ODU email account when direct deposits are initiated by the ODU Business Office.
  • It may take 24-48 hours for funds to become available after direct deposit is initiated. Please check your bank account for funds availability.
  • Please note Parent Plus Loan overages are mailed to the parent borrower as selected and are not eligible for direct deposit.

How does online bill pay benefit me?

Students can view current and previous account statements online anytime and will be able to view their payment history online. Students can also store payment methods to make quick and easy payments.

Can parents utilize this system?

Students have the ability to authorize other users, such as parents, to view and make payments toward their accounts.

Is this feature mobile friendly? 

Yes. Students can access their account on smart phones and tablets. Students may also choose to have related messages sent to them via text messaging.

What credit cards can I use?

Nelnet accepts Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Why am I charged a convenience fee?

Nelnet, a third-party payment service, accepts credit/debit card payments on the University’s behalf. As part of this service, Nelnet adds a non-refundable 2.75% convenience fee to every credit/debit card payment.

The convenience fee is collected entirely by Nelnet not Ohio Dominican University. The convenience fee is not refundable. You will be charged the convenience fee if you use your debit card as a credit card.

Can I avoid paying the convenience fee?


You can avoid paying the convenience fee by paying online via e-check. All you need to do is enter your bank accounting information (routing and account numbers) in the fields provided.

The amount will be debited directly from your checking or savings account. You can also avoid the convenience fee by paying with a paper check and mailing it to ODU.

Is there a payment plan?

Students can sign up for a monthly payment plan through the online bill pay system. The enrollment fee is $60 per semester.

Will I receive paper bills and statements too?

No. All bills and statements will be sent electronically and you will not receive paper bills or statements.