Textbooks, Course Materials, Apparel & More!

Find everything you need for your life at ODU - textbooks, course materials, apparel and more! ODU's campus bookstore in the Griffin Student Center is run by Slingshot , a course materials auto-fulfillment service. Think of it as a subscription box for all of your learning materials. Simply enroll in classes and all of your required course materials will be delivered to you before the first day of class!

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How it Works

  • ENROLL – When you enroll in classes, we automatically receive your class list and create your order.
  • RECEIVE – Your materials will be delivered to your campus residence, available for pickup in the campus bookstore, or shipped to your preferred address.
  • CHARGE – Your balance automatically posts to your student account.
  • RETURN – When classes finish, you simply return any rental items to the campus bookstore or via a pre-paid postage label.

How to Access Your Slingshot Account

  1. Visit ODU.slingshotedu.com.
  2. Click the Log In button in the top right corner of the home screen.
  3. Use your ODU credentials to log in through Single Sign On.

From your Slingshot account, you can:

  • Manage your account preferences
  • See when your rentals are due, or purchase more time
  • Access your digital course materials
  • Look up prices and condition information for your course materials
  • Opt in or out anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I signed up for Slingshot automatically?
New Incoming Students: you are automatically enrolled in this program with a preference for rental books set as the default, as it is the most affordable. You will stay opted in for future terms unless you choose to opt out.

Returning Students: You have not been enrolled in this program. To opt in, visit ODU.slingshotedu.com.

What if I don't want to use Slingshot? How do I opt out?
Being a Slingshot student is completely optional, and students can opt in or out online anytime. To opt out, please visit ODU.slingshotedu.com.

Can I still shop at the ODU Bookstore if I opt out of the automatic subscription service?
Yes. Students that have opted out can still place online orders from odu.slingshotedu.com or the campus store. Please note that due to student privacy regulations, student accounts are not an available online payment option for opted-out students at this time.

How can I view and change my Slingshot status and preferences?
Once you've enrolled in classes, you can manage you Slingshot preferences by login into your account at ODU.slingshotedu.com. From there, you can set you preference to rent, digital or purchase (used or new).

Will I always get my textbook type preference (i.e. rent, buy used, buy new)?
Most of the time, but not always. We start by trying to fill your requirements according to the preference you select. However, sometimes there may not be a used copy of a book available, and certain types of books cannot be rented – workbooks or textbooks with access codes, for example.

What if I already own a book?
You can return any book during the first week of class with no penalty. You can return books to the campus store.

What if I add of drop a class?
When a class is added, we will automatically be notified and will deliver your new course materials. If you drop a class, return the materials to the campus store, or contact customer support for a return shipping authorization to avoid a non-return fee. Once we receive the item back, we will credit your student account. Please do this within a week of dropping the class, or you may be charged a restocking fee.

What if I want to buy instead of rent?
You can choose "buy new" or "buy used" as your Slingshot preference. You can also choose "rent" and then opt to purchase specific books after you've decided which ones you want to keep. In this case, you are charged the rental price up front and the remainder of the price later on. And don't worry – you can write in or highlight a rental book like you own it.

How do I access my eBooks?
Once available, eBooks are accessible under the "My Course Materials" tab upon logging into your Slingshot account. You will receive an email that indicates when an eBook is available. It may come after a physical item has gone out.

Read more FAQs at odu.slingshotedu.com.