Opportunites to Work & Teach Abroad

Live and work in another country while gaining valuable work experience. Teach English, volunteer with the Peace Corps, or find another opportunity that interests you.

Teach English Abroad 

There are many opportunities to teach English abroad. Some positions only require that you are a native English speaker. Most position require that you have your Bachelor’s degree, however, it doesn’t need to be in English or in Education.

Some positions will request a teaching certification, especially if you are applying for a K-12 international school. Others may require you have either a certification in TEFL or a Master’s in TEFL/TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

The following links are good resources on teaching English abroad:

Work Abroad 

Search for Long-Term Work 

Short-Term Work Abroad

These programs are usually three months up to a year in length, and most of them only allow students who are either currently registered or recent graduates.

Volunteer Abroad