Connect with Volunteer Opportunities

Every fall semester, ODU hosts local and national nonprofit organizations for our NonProfit Volunteer Fair. This is a great opportunity for students to learn how they can make a difference in our local and worldwide community!

ODU's Volunteer Fair is similar to a career fair. The fair displays a wide variety of opportunities open to students who would like to explore volunteering with nonprofit service organizations.

It is open to all students interested in pursuing local, domestic or international service after they graduate. Representatives from the agencies and organizations gather on campus to meet and talk with students.

It is a networking event to become familiar with the particular opportunities, work and experiences offered by the attending organizations.

The Volunteer Fair is a relaxed atmosphere. Representatives are looking to get to know people and students.

For the volunteer, the purpose of the fair is to introduce a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the hope of finding an organization or agency that matches the volunteer's passion and vision of making a difference in the local and worldwide community.

The purpose of the fair for the organization is to connect with new volunteers.

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in being part of ODU's Volunteer Fair, email us at

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