Representing ODU on Social Media

Ohio Dominican University (ODU) uses social media to support the university's mission, goals and programs, as well as connect with current, future and former students.

The purpose of ODU's Social Media Policy is to ensure that our students, faculty, staff and community understand how ODU uses social media accounts to represent the university, provide guidelines for those who post to social media on behalf of ODU, and to assist faculty, staff and students in making responsible decisions about the use of their social media and how it impacts ODU.

For the purposes of these guidelines, “social media” includes websites and applications designed for social networking, online public commentary and microblogging. Posting information or content (including images and video) to social media sites and accounts (whether affiliated or associated with ODU) may be subject to these guidelines.

University Social Media Accounts

The main ODU social media accounts (@ohiodominican and Ohio Dominican University) are managed by the Marketing & Public Relations department.

Departments, programs and individuals of the university are encouraged to have social media accounts that promote and highlight their work at the university, as well as engage in positive conversation with those interested in ODU.

ODU-affiliated social media accounts must be registered to ODU department / student-organization email addresses rather than an individual staff or student email address to ensure continued access in the event of changes in account ownership.

ODU-related accounts must appropriately use Ohio Dominican's official logos, fonts, and colors. Any ODU logos or wordmarks used by departments or programs as an avatar or profile picture for a social media account must be approved and unmodified, as directed by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations.

When posting comments, links, or other content to ODU social media, local laws, applicable federal requirements such as FERPA and HIPAA, as well as NCAA regulations and all applicable ODU confidentiality policies must be followed.

ODU reserves the right to remove comments on ODU-run social media pages that are contrary to the university’s mission and values; unlawfully harass or discriminate; advocate illegal activity; incite violence; threaten; contain spam; are clearly off-topic; are excessive in frequency; infringe on copyrights or trademarks; or publicly share private or identifying information about an individual. ODU does not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial, political or other ventures.

Posting on Social Media

As a Catholic liberal arts university in the Dominican tradition, ODU is guided in its educational mission by the Dominican motto: to contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation. Thanks to social media, we are now sharing with a global audience.

In accordance with ODU’s Culture of Care, when posting on social media, members of the ODU community are expected to adhere to the same standards of conduct online that they would in the workplace or the classroom. Remember that anything you post may be viewed by professors, students, staff, parents, alumni and the public. Use good judgment and think before you post.

When posting on any ODU-affiliated social media account, remember that you are speaking for the university, your division, department or campus organization. When representing ODU, you are expected to follow all ODU policies and guidelines found in our Student, Staff, or Faculty Handbooks.

ODU administrators do not actively monitor social media pages not affiliated with the university. However, we do reserve the right to act when content posted by students, staff or faculty that violates ODU policies or laws is brought to our attention.

Information created or posted on or through ODU computer systems or networks is subject to the Network Acceptable Use Policy.

Violation of Policy

ODU reserves the right to enforce these policies on all members of the university community. Violation of these policies will result in the following actions:

  • In the case of accusations, threats, or claims of any crime of any sort, ODU will notify the appropriate law enforcement for investigation.
  • In the case of violations or allegations of violations of ODU policies as applicable on- or off-campus by faculty, staff, or students, including but not limited to Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, Employee Handbook, Sexual Harassment & Misconduct and Title IX, the appropriate university departments will be notified for investigation.
  • Employees who violate these standards will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.
  • Students who violate these standards will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the student handbook as it relates to conduct.

For questions about ODU's social media policy, please contact the Office of Marketing & Public Relations.

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