The Honors Program at Ohio Dominican University is designed to specifically challenge and engage high-ability motivated students.

The curriculum and the program will provide learning experiences that:

  • Explore the integration of concepts within and among disciplines
  • Empower students to become intentional learners
  • Engage students actively in the learning process
  • Encourage students to interact with faculty and with one another, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Emphasize depth and thoroughness of understanding
  • Courses & Sequence
    ODU Honors courses are intended to fulfill requirements in the Core curriculum or a student’s major program.

    View course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites.

     Introduction to Honors
    HON 179 CORE: What Does it Mean to Be Human?* 3 credits
     Development in Honors
    HON 200 Interdisciplinary Dialogue 1 credits
     Exploration in Honors
    HON 379A Critical Research & Writing*

    HON 410 Senior Honors Project

    Not required, but students must complete and present a Senior Honors thesis. HON 410 may be repeated to support completion of honors project. Students may fulfill HON 410 with major/core capstone (479), provided that the seminar accommodates completion of the senior honors project.
    3 credits
    3 credits
    *Counts as CORE seminar in the University Core Curriculum
  • Transferring into the Honors Program
    Transfer students and students accepted into the Honors Program after they have started their ODU coursework will take coursework according to the chart below.

    Number of Completed Semesters 
    at ODU or Transfer Credits
    Credits Required in the 
    Honors Program  
    0 ODU semesters
    17 or less transfer credits  
    HON 179 (3 credits)
    HON 200 (1 credit)
    HON 379 (3 credits)
    HON 410 (3 credits)

    Total: 10
    1 - 2 ODU semesters
    18 - 49 transfer credits 
    HON 200 (1 credit)
    HON 379 (3 credits)
    HON 410 (3 credits)

    Total: 7
    3 - 4 ODU semesters
    50 or more transfer credits
    HON 379 (3 credits)
    HON 410 (3 credits)

    Total: 6
  • Course Descriptions
    HON 179 CORE - What Does it Mean to be Human?
    3 Credits

    This is the first of three interdisciplinary courses that, together with the fourth-year capstone course in the major, comprise ODU’s core seminars. All sections of this seminar will address the question, ‘What does it mean to be human?’ through the study of humans as embodied, social, spiritual, emotional, rational beings. While each section listed below will approach that question from a unique perspective, all sections share common learning outcomes and a common text or texts.

    CORE 179 stresses the importance of a liberal arts education and seeking knowledge while helping students develop and refine the skills needed to succeed in college. Students are encouraged to take this course the fall semester of their first year. This course is reserved for first-time freshmen only and transfer students with 17 or fewer transfer semester credits.

    Pre- or corequisite: ENG 101 or ENG 110. 

    HON 200 - Interdisciplinary Dialogue
    1 Credit

    Within this seminar, students in the Honors Program build community as they share with one another discipline- specific experiences related to knowledge and skills inherent to their field. Together they develop a greater understanding of broad problems explored in academia.

    Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program and HON 179 (or appropriate transfer status).

    HON 379A CORE - Critical Writing & Research
    3 Credits

    Research allows us to better understand the world around us (theoretical research) and to solve problems (applied research). In order to have these effects, research must be shared with the rest of the community – both within and beyond the discipline – and must be attentive to ethical issues and justice in every step of the process. Student will actively engage in critical thinking exercises intended to improve their abilities to develop testable hypotheses, meaningful critiques, and defendable arguments.

    This will be coupled with a focus on research skills that will result in the successful completion of an in-depth original proposal for a senior honors project in a discipline of the student’s choice. Student will learn how to share their findings with the community through written, oral, and visual presentations. Students will also demonstrate an appreciation of the nature of justice as they consider the practical/applied implications of their scholarly work to promote well-being.

    Prerequisites: Admission to the Honors Program and ENG 102 or ENG 111.

    HON 410 - Senior Honors Project
    3 Credits

    A directed study experience that represents faculty-guided research toward completion of the Seniors Honors Project. HON 410 will be completed in consultation with a faculty mentor and the Honors Program Director. A public presentation of the completed project to the University community is required. HON 410 may be repeated.

    Prerequisites: Admission to the Honors Program and senior status. 
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