Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Course & Degree Requirements

Ohio Dominican University offers two political science major tracks. In its broadest sense, these majors are designed to study government, law, political processes and behavior, the policies produced by governments and their effects upon the individual, the community and the world.

Degree offered:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Minor in Political Science
In additional to the general B.A., Ohio Dominican offers one concentration:
  • Concentration in Pre-Law
The issues of war and peace, power and violence, law and order, justice and fairness, democracy and freedom, rights and citizenship, diversity and change are at the heart of the study of politics.

Students who study political science are prepared for law school and graduate study; careers in federal, state and local government; public policy and private interests groups; businesses and corporations; regional, trans-national and international organizations; campaign management; journalism; and high school and college teaching. 

The liberal arts education political science provides has enabled Ohio Dominican students to find rewarding vocations as college professors, teachers, lawyers, civil servants, public administrators, city planners, policy analysts, diplomats, business leaders and informed citizens.

Download Program Guide

Includes a program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements.

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