3+2 Law

Want to pursue a rewarding career in law? This is a great opportunity for you to earn your bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor in just five years. This accelerated program offers high-achieving students, like you, all kinds of advantages. Learn more below.

Program Highlights

Students who participate in this program will:

  • Receive acceptance to the 3+2 program when accepted to ODU.
  • Have an opportunity to complete their bachelor’s and law degrees in as few as five years via the 3+2 track.
  • Have the option to choose either a 3+2 (five-year) or 3+3 (six-year) path as late as the third year of undergraduate studies at ODU.
  • Receive a minimum of $10,000 scholarship per academic year of law school at UD.


  • Students must major in Political Science, English, History, Philosophy or Mathematics via a 3+2 track at ODU.
  • Students must enroll at ODU as freshmen. (This program is not available to transfer students.)
  • In order to receive full acceptance to UDSL, students must earn an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and LSAT of one point higher than the UDSL median from the previous year.
  • Students must submit a Juris Doctor application no later than during their third year at ODU to meet ABA requirements.
  • Students must earn their bachelor’s degree before beginning the second year of law school.
  • First year of law school must satisfy both fourth-year undergraduate and first-year law school requirements.

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Includes program overview, sample semester plan and program course requirements for each major option.


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