3+2 Engineering

Get a jump-start on an exciting career as an engineer by earning both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years. While the accelerated completion timeline is a major advantage, it’s just one of many benefits of this program.

Program Highlights

Students who participate in this program will:

  • Receive acceptance to the 3+2 program when accepted to ODU.
  • Have an opportunity to complete their bachelor’s and master’s degree in as few as five years via the 3+2 track.
  • Receive a 50% discount on undergraduate tuition during their first year at UD, and a 30% discount on graduate engineering tuition during their second year.
  • Have all graduate school application fees waived.
  • Not be required to submit letters of recommendation or a personal statement.


In order to receive full acceptance to UD’s School of Engineering via the ODU-UD Accelerated Engineering Program, students must:

  • Major in Biology, Chemistry or Computer Science via a 3+2 track at ODU.
  • Enroll at ODU as freshmen (this program is not available to transfer students).
  • Earn an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 by the midpoint of their junior year.

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Download Program Guides

Includes program overviews, sample semester plans and program course requirements for each major option.

Have Questions? Contact Us!

For program questions, contact:

Dan Little, Ph.D. (Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering)
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Sansbury Hall, Room 215
(614) 251-4525

Anne Witzky, Ph.D. (Bioengineering)
Assistant Professor, Biology
Sansbury Hall, Room 214
(614) 251-4571

Alae Loukili, D. Sc. (Computer Engineering)
Associate Professor
Sansbury Hall, Room 229
(614) 251-4659

For admission questions, contact:

Undergraduate Admission

Griffin Student Center, 203
(614) 251-4500
(800) 955-OHIO (955-6446)


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