Ohio Dominican University (ODU) Professor of English Jeremy Glazier has been awarded a 2024 Individual Excellence Award in Criticism from the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). The $5,000 grant, one of 75 awarded this year, recognizes “outstanding accomplishments by artists in a variety of disciplines,” according to the OAC. 

This is the fourth time Professor Glazier has been recognized by the OAC for his essays on contemporary classical music, having previously received this award in 2010, 2016 and 2020. His most recent essay, "Alone Together," examines five compositions that were commissioned during the pandemic lockdown; it appears in the current issue of La Tempestad, an arts journal in Mexico City with a circulation of more than 30,000. Glazier has also published essays on poets, poetry and translation in The Los Angeles Review of Books. 

"The idea that perceptive commentary on art—what we call criticism—is an art form itself goes back at least to the 18th century, so I'm grateful that the OAC recognizes and supports criticism alongside the other arts. Being a part of La Tempestad these past 15 years has been one of the great intellectual and creative joys of my life," said Glazier.

Glazier serves as the head of ODU's English department and teaches a wide variety of courses in poetry (both classic and contemporary), creative writing, Shakespeare, Chaucer, the Romantics and more in ODU’s undergraduate and graduate programs.   

The OAC’s Individual Excellence Award is given every other year and is judged by a national panel of peer-reviewers. During the 2024 funding-cycle, the OAC received nearly 500 applicants from around Ohio in disciplines including criticism, choreography, fiction, non-fiction, music composition, playwriting/screenplays and poetry.