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Reference Services - For Reference & Research Assistance

In person: The ODU Library Reference Desk is located on the top floor of Spangler. View hours and options below. 
Telephone: Call the ODU Library Reference Desk at (614) 251-4754 or toll-free (888) 681-8044 during service hours.
E-mail & Texting:

Text or email an ODU librarian at A librarian will respond as soon as possible within regular service hours, at most within a 24-hour period. 

Instant Messaging: Ohio librarians are available at KnowItNow, open 24/7.  (Questions about IM Reference?)

Reference Service Hours

ODU reference librarians are available in person, by phone, and by email during the hours listed below for drop-in services.

Regular Hours for ODU Library Reference Service (subject to change)*
Monday - Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
(closed 3:30-4:30 most Tuesdays for staff meetings)
Friday 9 am - 4 pm
Saturday 11 am - 3 pm (Summer 11 am -2 pm)

*ODU Reference Services closes during certain campus events, library meetings, holidays, and instruction sessions.  

ODU reference librarians are also available outside regularly scheduled hours by appointment; contact a librarian to schedule a consultation.

How Reference Librarians Can Help

Librarians are available to assist you in your research. How we can help:

  • Provide tools to assist in research: Visit our Research Help page
  • Assist in generating effective search strategies for researching a topic
  • Assist in finding information or resources
  • Provide training in how to search the Library's catalogs to find books and videos and obtain other information
  • Provide training in how to search in the Library's research databases to find articles, reports, conference proceedings, and other documents 
  • Assist with Internet searching
  • Assist in identifying criteria for evaluating information sources
  • Point to resources that can help with research and writing

Our Reference Services mission is to provide training and assistance in using library and information sources successfully so that you will be empowered to conduct your own research.  

Reference librarians will not do any of the following: proofreading or editing, helping write citations, supplying answers to students' assignments, doing students' research, or compiling bibliographies of information sources for students.

Additional services are available to faculty. Visit the library's web page For Faculty & Staff or contact a librarian for further information.

ODU Reference Librarians: Who We Are


Christina Bonner
Christina Bonner
Head, Library Reference & Instruction Services
Education: M.A. & Ph.D. Germanic Languages & Literatures, University of Cincinnati; M.L.I.S. Library & Information Science, Kent State University 
Liaison to:   Division of Business | TESOL
Office: (614) 251-4585 |
Matthew Heller
Matthew Heller
Reference Librarian (part-time)
Education: B.A. Microbiology, Ohio State University; M.L.I.S. Library & Information Science, Kent State University 
Liaison to:   Division of Math, Computer, & Natural Sciences
Office: (614) 251-4585 |
Jim Layden
Jim Layden
Director, Library Services
Education: B.A. Psychology, University of Cincinnati; M.S.L.S. Library Science, University of Kentucky 
Liaison to:   Division of Education, Faculty Development, Library Development
Office: (614) 251-4758 |
Shaunda Tichgelaar
Shaunda Tichgelaar
Collection & Liaison Services Librarian
Education: B.A. and M.A. English, Arkansas State University; M.L.I.S., Kent State University
Liaison to:   Division of Arts & Letters; Liberal Studies
Office: (614) 251-4755 |