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    Degree offered: Bachelor of Science  

    Ohio Dominican University offers two interdisciplinary majors (Environmental Science and Environmental Studies) for motivated students that desire to know our environment, to understand the current urgent environmental dilemma, and to seek a sustainable future. Environmental problems and their solutions are a complex mix of science, ethics, economics and politics. To understand the dilemma, an environmental science major must gain a strong base of scientific knowledge as well as a foundation in other disciplines. An interdisciplinary approach will be utilized to describe, analyze, and seek scientific solutions for the problems that arise at the interface of human actions and ecological processes. Quantitative reasoning and creativity will be applied to understanding the complexity and variety of environmental problems found all around us. Study will include agriculture, water, energy production, waste management, and the incorporation of ecological cycles into human activity as a means to decrease environmental impacts. Graduates will be prepared for jobs with city, state, regional, and federal agencies; non-profit groups, environmental consulting, conservation, restoration, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, green business, and environmental education. They will also be prepared for graduate school in environmental science/studies, law, anthropology, economics, fisheries, wildlife management, and other related fields.

    Requirements for a B.S. in Environmental Science

    See course descriptions for prerequisites and co-requisites

    Students must complete the core requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in addition to the major requirements listed below.  
    BIO 201 General Biology: Cells, Genetics, Evolution 4*
    BIO 202 General Biology: Botany, Zoology, Ecology 4*
    BIO 330 Ecology 4*
    CHM 109 General Chemistry I 4*
    CHM 110 General Chemistry II 4*
    CHM 229 Organic Chemistry I 4*
    ENV 115 Environmental Science 3*
    ENV 113 Geology 3*
    ENV 497 Internship and Capstone 1-3*
    MTH 240 Calculus I 4*
    POL 290 Politics & Govt: Process & Issues 3*
    Select two courses from the following (One must be ENV): 6-8*
    BIO 203 General Biology: Anatomy and Physiology (4)  
    BIO 224 Botany (4)  
    BIO 227 Microbiology (4)  
    BIO 274 Biological Evolution (4)  
    BIO 366 Genetics (4)  
    CHM 359 Analytical Chemistry (4)  
    ENV 279A CORE: Applied Sustainability (3)  
    ENV 240 Understanding NEPA (3)  
    ENV 320 Water Resource Management (4)  
    ENV 386/486 Independent Research (1-3)  
    MTH 140 Intro to Statistics (3)  
    Select six credits from the following: 6
    ART 210 Botanical Illustration  
    ART 312 Green Art  
    PHL 242 Applied Ethics  
    PHL 243 Bioethics  
    Select one course from the following: 3
    ECN 207 Principles of Microeconomics  
    GEO 125 World Geography  
    PHL 379A CORE: Principles of Justice  
    Select six credits from the following courses not taken elsewhere: 6
    PHL 379A CORE: Principles of Justice  
    PJU 279G CORE: Interpersonal Negotiation & Mediation  
    PJU 379B CORE: Peace and Justice: Cathoilic Social Teaching  
    POL 279A CORE: Environmental Values Policymaking  
    POL 279A CORE: American Political Thought, Nature and Common Good  
    Total Credits Required 59-63
    * Used to calculate the Major GPA