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    JRN 227 Feature Writing

    3 credits
    An overview of how to create feature stories for newspapers and magazines. Students will study the ways to choose a topic, set up interviews, develop questions, and prepare a coherent account of the statements of a variety of speakers. Students will read feature stories from a number of newspapers and practice their writing techniques by writing a weekly feature article. Prerequisite: PRS 205.

    JRN 228 Editorial Writing

    3 credits
    An in-depth study of the necessary techniques for writing an editorial or a column for a newspaper. Students will learn how to select and analyze a topic, conduct research, and write a persuasive opinion piece. Students will read editorials from a variety of newspapers and essays from a number of columnists and will practice their writing skills by writing a weekly editorial or a column. Prerequisite: PRS 205.

    JRN 240 Copy Editing

    3 credits
    An overall view of the editorial concept and duties of a copy editor. An emphasis will be placed on editing copy manually and through computer editing technology. Students will learn how to edit basic news stories and other print media content. Prerequisite: PRS 205.

    JRN 300 Advanced Reporting

    3 credits
    Advanced studies and training in news writing and interviewing techniques for publications. Students will learn the importance of researching a news story for accuracy, interpretation, and comprehensiveness. Students will review stories from newspapers and publications and continue to practice their writing skills through a series of articles. Prerequisite: PRS 205.

    JRN 430 Journalism Practicum

    3 credits
    A project course for advanced students. Students will be involved in all aspects of designing, reporting, writing, laying out, editing and distributing the school‘s student publication. Prerequisite: JRN/PRS 205.